Trucker's Hitch

March 25, 2015

 The video we found when looking for varied ways to tie this useful know, can be see below. It uses this version of a Truckers Hitch

 The animatedknots website shows motion by motion the 'Ylvis' version of the knot

This style is used by American Sailing Association and taught as the official way to tie this most useful knot. Image drawn and animated by John Sherry. To see his site -click link - Truckers Hitch


A simple Truckers Hitch is a quick rope version of a block and tackle. Uses are many, main sheet, Vang, Cunningham, to tie a dinghy on the foredeck or stern platform. Think 'McGyver'. it is a way to increase purchase to pull something or cinch something down.


In the midst of teaching a 3-day Bare Boat Charter course, we had Cell access. By student request looked up new ways to tie this useful knot. We were blown away by this Ylvis video on YouTube- Enjoy!




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