About Afterguard

Afterguard Sailing Academy’s Mission is to help people who want to sail to reach their sailing goals safely, at reasonable cost and without yelling. We help make sailing dreams real and the journey to accomplish the goals fun.


Afterguard has a non-profit arm with a Mission to help kids by sharing the valuable experiences and lessons in sailing.


Afterguard is owned by Captain Mary SwiftSwan. Mary is the head Instr. ASA I.E., a contributing-author of ASA’ s 1st and 2nd level text books with more in the works.

Steve Swan is our very popular Intro and Basic instructor plus a professional singer and musician. 

All instructors that work with Afterguard are fun to learn from. All share the Afterguard commitment to give back to the community through sailing.

What does Afterguard mean?

Afterguard (def.) Brain trust to accomplish a task or reach a goal. Most used is in reference to sailing. The Afterguard can include a navigator, tactician and/or coach as advisor(s). The Afterguard are most often seen at the back of a boat talking quietly to a skipper. They either provide direction to a skipper, and/or training for all aboard, to set and reach goals. Goal examples: simply sail well, to sail to a respected level, be an effective team ( family, friends or corporate group ), to reach a distant harbor.


During a high profile race with TV coverage, like the America's Cup, you will hear the Afterguard refered to often. What do they recommend? What might be their strategies? Find out by working with Afterguard

Our Services Include:


  • Boat Rentals

  • Catering

  • Private and Corporate Event Hosting

  • Professional Boating Instruction (For Both First-Time and Experienced Sailors)

  • Sailing Lessons

  • Tour Rides

  • Wine Tastings

  • San Francisco Bay tours

  • Wine tastings to follow 3-hour SF Bay tours