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Afterguard Youth Programs

Empower Youth Through Sailing: Support ASAYA's Mission!


Discover the inspiring story of ASA Youth Academy (ASAYA) – our non-profit arm committed to providing sailing opportunities for at-risk high school students.


Our Mission:

ASAYA aims to empower inner-city youth through sailing education. Founded in 2003 by Mary Swift, our programs create unique opportunities for underprivileged high school students.


Current Initiatives:

  • Collaboration with ARISE Charter High School.

  • Summer Camps with subsidized rates for low-income families.

  • Ongoing partnerships with OEZSA and potential expansion.


How You Can Help:

Support our mission by contributing to:

  • Extending programs to more high schools.

  • Maintaining our fleet of sailing instruction vessels.

  • Creating paid staff-teaching positions.


Join Us:
Be a part of transforming lives and fostering a love for sailing among the next generation. Your contribution makes a lasting impact!

More About The Cause

ASAYA, our non-profit branch, received 501(c)3 status in February 2022 and operates in collaboration with Afterguard Sailing Academy, LLC. Founded in 2003 by Mary Swift, Afterguard has been committed to providing sailing opportunities for underserved youth. In 2006, we launched our Youth Program, Destination Graduation, in partnership with Oakland's Emiliano Zapata Street Academy (OEZSA), an Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) school. This program, offering sailing internships for academic credits, has positively impacted the lives of many students.

Despite facing challenges, including the temporary pause of OEZSA's participation due to funding constraints, we've initiated a new collaboration with ARISE Charter High School, serving approximately 24 students yearly through academic internships. ASAYA is dedicated to reinstating OEZSA's involvement and expanding our outreach to accommodate additional schools expressing interest in our enrichment and internship programs.

Our programs, including Summer Camps, are made possible through the support of Afterguard's adult and open enrollment ASA sailing courses. However, we need your help to extend this opportunity to more underprivileged high schools and ensure the upkeep of our sailing instruction vessels. Your donation will also contribute to creating more paid staff-teaching positions, supporting our youth program, and providing essential sailing education opportunities to teachers.

By supporting ASAYA, you become a vital part of transforming lives and fostering a love for sailing among the next generation. Your generosity will help us overcome funding challenges, reinstate paused programs, and continue offering unique opportunities to deserving students.

Join us in making a lasting impact on young lives. Your donation matters, and together, we can empower these students to navigate towards a brighter future.

To donate or learn more about ASAYA's initiatives, please visit

Mission Statement:

Empower Inner-City Youth: Set Sail for Brighter Futures!

At ASA Youth Academy, we embark on a transformative journey with our youth program, "Destination Graduation." Our mission is to break barriers, providing inner-city students with life-changing opportunities and steering them towards success.


Why Sailing Education?
Through sailing, we inspire leadership, teamwork, risk management, and responsibility. As students navigate the waters, they gain confidence, learning to captain their destinies. "Destination Graduation" opens their eyes to a world beyond their neighborhoods, setting sail for new horizons.


Impactful Experiences:

  • Field trips to CSU Cal Maritime Academy, Bar Pilots, and SF Bay Model.

  • Mentorship incentive program: Maintain a C average, participate in sailing, and increase graduation likelihood.

  • ASA certification levels offered at no cost.

  • High school credits with Oakland Unified School District.

  • Job opportunities for program graduates at Afterguard.

Nurturing Dreams:

We go beyond sailing. By asking about their college plans on day one, encouraging scholarship applications, and providing unwavering support, we empower students to reach for their educational goals. Our commitment extends to employment opportunities, ensuring those who excel can pursue part-time positions while staying in college or trade school.


Join Our Cause:
Your support makes dreams set sail. Help us empower these students to navigate a course toward a brighter future. Donate now and become a beacon of hope for tomorrow's leaders!

Become an Afterguard volunteer! Contribute your time to youth sailing!

Is sailing important to you?

Do you have spare time and would like to volunteer as crew?

Do you have skills to help work on boats that need love?

Do you have any special skills that would benefit our nonprofit?

Contact us at 510-535-1954 or email if you would like to help us. Volunteers can earn personal use of our fleet of boats. Please contact us for more details.

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