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Destination Charters

Price quoted is for a cabin that can sleep up to 2 people.

Participants should have at least basic sailing skills - Minimum of BK1 with > 4 times as active crew. Recommend that all aboard have passed ASA 101. Mates and/or skippers require ASA 104 and ASA 114 with an IPC in hand. We can offer discounts to signed up participants for these classes. 

If you've completed ASA 103 it's possible to take ASA 104 and/or 114 courses during the trip for $550 per certificate.

2024 Flotilla Destination Adventures

A single boat anchored in a cove

November 2024 Australia Whitsunday Islands

The Great Barrier Reef is 1400 miles of abundant sealife, beauty beaches and clear deep waters. The Whitsundays include over 100 islands with white sand beaches and pleasant tropical weather. Parts of the Barrier Reef are gone. A long list of things including anchoring, fishing, the coral eating crown of thorns star fish, farming practices and much more, causing parts of the reef to die and become bleached out. I've seen a small healthy portion of it out from Gladstone near Brisbane. I want to see what is north while it is still alive and full of life. If you have ever snorkeled - this place is the very best.

Plan ahead for our Future Flotillas

Spain coast.tif

2025 Spanish Flotilla (early summer) 1 week, Azors 2nd wk

Sailing from Valencia for a beautiful coastal adventure.  Captain Rory is the lead since he now lives in Vallencia. TB defined by Cpt Rory

Sailors winching and tailing

TBD Norwegian Fiords - possibly also 2025

There are a few boats becoming available. The flotilla will be smaller and the scenery huge. Christine and Mary Leading

Sailing in the PNW

2026 August Pacific North West

I want to sail these waters. Have been surrounded by Orcas and sailed by whales. seen fresh Dungeness crab pulled from the waters of the anchorage for fresh dinner that night. Sigh - if you want to go, let us know when. We are ready. Sail around the San Juan Islands. Join the flow of whales, get spy-hopped by Orcas visit Friday Harbor and other well known anchorages and harbors.

Past Flotillas

split harbor

May 27 2023/June 3rd. Split Croatia

Split – The city of Split is the second largest in Croatia known for its breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean. The rugged coastline in this area offers many beaches only accessible by boat, making them exclusive and secluded. Visited the islands near Split is an experience not to be missed. Went wine tasting and shopping getting in by 3pm at most stops. The people are friendly. Most speak English or are very good at a sign-language mixture. Sailing in light winds almost every day but we did get in some excellent sailing. Visited Havar, Vis and the blue cave on the tiny island just off the southern time of Vis, Brac, and many others over the 2 week trip.

rainbow over moored boats

2022 Tahiti Flotilla (July 23-Aug 6th) 2 weeks

Leaving from Raiatea with 3 boats - one Cat and 2 mono-hulls. Afterguard sailing adventurers had a blast. Hosted the group dinners aboard the Cat as is becoming the SOP. Had dinner ashore on several islands. Visited Raiatea, Tahaa, Huihane, Tahaa pearl and vanilla farms plus a local Tahitian dinner and dance evening. The weather is always a player. Spent a few days diving and snorkeling at Bora Bora. One couple jumped ashore for a honeymoon level few days at a fabulous resort. They missed a bit and were sad the cloning machine was not available. 

The Pantheon in Greece

2021 Greek Flotilla (Sept 25-Oct 9th) 2 weeks

Sailing through the Greek Cyclades Isles is much more adventurous.  Again we left from Athens. Christian Hofmann was part of the flotilla for the first week. It was too windy for his group. We took a 42' Cat and a new Beneteau 50' monohull. John Zolck was the leader for the 50'. Mary then Kevin led the Cat. Were stuck in Myconos for a few days during the transition stop due to high winds. What a pretty place to be stuck

A typical greek mooringg

2018 Greek Flotilla (Sept 28-Oct 6th)

Sailing through the Greek Isles along the Peloponnesian coast. Left from Athens. Christian Hofmann was our guide. Christian, brother of our instructor Gunther, has sailed the Greek Isles for over 10 years. Club Rio/Delta Sailing Club joined this flotilla. We took a 40+' Cat and a 40' monohull. DSC took a 38' boat plus Christian's 38. We had lots of fun. 

Floating in the sea in Croatia

2017 Croatia North Coast

Our 2017 trip was amazing. 17 people on 3 boats had a blast. An easy paced fun flotilla. Met at the end of the day or in the morning for sail plans. The itinery was adjusted to the weather and the will and health of those on the trip. See pics here.

St Lucia Gros Piton

2016 Windward Islands of the Caribbean

First of the destination sails. Went for the Christmas winds with 2 boats. 42 Lagoon and 46' Bavarian. The Bavarian tracked so well in wind, wave and current they beat the cat to every destination. Visited  St Lucia, St Vincent and Bequia. Dolphins off the bow is a great way to start a trip.

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