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Destination Charters/Courses

Fly and sail in the most beautiful destinations on the planet with Afterguard. Picked from among the top cruising destinations.

A. Join the a fun flotilla aboard a skippered boat. Recommend certs of 104 or/and 114.

B. Can take ASA mid level courses for a small additional amount to get certified in the clear warmer waters of our destination.

Current Destination: Croatia - Split May 27-June 3, 2023,

2023 might plan for the USVI or BVIs Dec 2023. Looking into Ireland for July or August 2024, Australia 2026?

So many beautiful places to sail, Get started on world-wide charters with a fun flotilla with Afterguard. Soooo very fun.

Price is per Cabin. Each cabin can be for 2 people or tenanted solo. Price is the same.
Skills Required: minimum of BK1 with 4-6 times as active crew. All aboard will have more fun if those joining have passed ASA 101. Mates and/or skippers minimum is 104/114.
If through ASA 103, can take ASA 104 or 114 courses during the trip= add $400 per course.

2023 Flotilla

May 27 2023/June 3rd. Split Croatia

Split – The city of Split is the second largest in Croatia and is known for its breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean. The rugged coastline in this area offers many hidden beaches only accessible by boat, making them exclusive and secluded. Visiting the islands near split is an experience not to be missed . The current plan allows for sail adventuring each day making port with plenty of time to explore on shore too. Looking forward to fresh Med and Seafood dining ashore in raved about restaurants, two are sail in. Diving or snorkeling? - water temps, 72 with visibility is in excess of 100'. Air is 78-80 to 68 at night. The sun shines an average of 10 hr of 15 hr of daylight in June.

Dec 2023/Jan 2024 US or British Virgin Islands

Recovery in this area from two devastating 2017 hurricanes moves our BVI island trip back 2 years. In 2018 we are going to Greece instead. For a report on the recovery of the Caribbean isles - Read the latest here.

BVIs is a top destination for places to charter. In 2020 we will fly to the tropics when it's cold at home (Dec-Feb) for a warm breath of flowers and sea.

Future Flotillas

June/July 2024 Irish Coast

Recovery in this area from COVID 19 has held up the ability to book charters for the 3 best weather months. Kevin is on a reconnaissance mission at the close of our 2023 Split Croatia flotilla. His mission is to find a fleet to rent from near Cork harbors.

TBD Australia Whitsunday Islands

The Great Barrier Reef is 1400 miles of abundant sealife, beauty beaches and clear deep waters. The Whitsundays include over 100 islands with white sand beaches and pleasant tropical weather. Parts of the Barrier Reef are gone. A long list of things including anchoring, fishing, the coral eating crown of thorns star fish, farming practices and much more, causing parts of the reef to die and become bleached out. I've seen a small healthy portion of it out from Gladstone near Brisbane. I want to see what is north while it is still alive and full of life. If you have ever snorkeled - this place is the very best.

TBD Pacific North West

I want to sail these waters. Have been surrounded by Orcas and sailed by whales. seen fresh dungeoness crab pulled from the waters of the anchorage for fresh dinner that night. Sigh - if you want to go, let us know when. We are ready. Sail around the San Juan Islands. Join the flow of whales, get spy-hopped by Orcas visit Friday Harbor and other well known anchorages and harbors.

Past Flotillas

2018 Greek Flotilla (Sept 28-Oct 6th)

Sailing through the Greek Isles along the peloponnesian coast. Left from Athens. Christian Hofmann was our guide. Christian, brother of our instructor Gunther, has sailed the Greek Isles for over 10 years. Club Rio/Delta Sailing Club joined this flotilla. We took a 40+' Cat and a 40' monohull. DSC took a 38' boat plus Christian's 38. We had lots of fun. 

2017 Croatia North Coast

Our 2017 trip was amazing. 17 people on 3 boats had a blast. An easy paced fun flotilla. Met at the end of the day or in the morning for sail plans. The itinery was adjusted to the weather and the will and health of those on the trip. See pics here.

St Lucia Gros Piton.jpg

2016 Windward Islands of the Caribbean

First of the destination sails. Went for the Christmas winds with 2 boats. 42 Lagoon and 46' Bavarian. The Bavarian tracked so well in wind, wave and current they beat the cat to every destination. Visited  St Lucia, St Vincent and Bequia. Dolphins off the bow is a great way to start a trip.

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