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Afterguard Affordable Bay Charters








Tour San Francisco Bay by private Sailing Yacht. The 3-4 hour sail around the San Francisco Bay. Will sail past notable and iconic San Francisco Bay scenes giving the unique view from the water; San Francisco waterfront Alcatraz and lighthouse(s). The lucky ones see dolphins. . Sail from the Middle of San Francisco Bay out of Treasure Island.

An Experience to remember and reflect on! The winds & waters of San Francisco Bay are spectacular. The yacht is managed by a professional Captain and capable crew. Most  are teachers, want to participate? Just ask how to help.


9am - morning winds usually are gentle. Morning light on the Bay lends to amazing photographs. If there is fog at the start, it will break to beautiful sights before the end of the sail.

1pm - winds tend to pick up for a thrilling ride. 


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Sparkling SUNSET SAILS from SF

Sail from Treasure Island aboard one of our lovely boats to watch the sun go down and the colors come in to reflect from to the water.  As night fills in the SF Bay and all around it sparkles with the lights of the Bridges surrounding city, the city itself and stars. In 3 proposal sails - all 3 ladies said "Yes".


Those who want to participate in sailing can help sail the boat prior to any alcohol.  People can drive or pull lines and enjoy the fun of sailing itself. Depending on the weather, we provide the option for hot chocolate, tea, coffee or something non-alcoholic cold and sparkley.

If you do not see a date on the calendar you want - contact the office. We can add to the calendar in most cases to accomdate your request with 24-48 hr notice.

Sunset Sails Options: Thu-Sun, by appointment only.

Sails start at either 5:30 for 3hr. Arrive 15 min early to meet your Captain at either our main base in Oakland or at Treasure Island at the Gate used by the Harbor Master. 

Private charters, USCG rules hold charters to no more than 12 no matter the number that comfortably fit aboard a privately chartered boat with a skipper. Happy to take from 1 to 12 people, per the vessel choosen's reasonable capacity. Captain and crew are not included in USCG limits. When inviting friends guidlines:

Up to 25' boats = up to 4 people per yacht,

Between 26-30' = 5-6 people per yacht,

Between 30-35' = 6-8 people per yacht.

35' Catamaran, 41' ketch and 63' cutter = up to 12 people per yacht.


Afterguard offers a many ways to sail. If want the thrill and romance of sailing but do not want strangers aboard, consider a private charter. Can sail from 1.5hr, 3hr, 4hr to all day. Romantic proposals, birthdays, anniversary, dates. Other group events include Team building, Youth Groups and family reunions often charter our many boats. Itinerary options include: team sail around marks, pleasure sail around Treasure Island, tour sails sailing by Alcatraz, to Angel Island or Golden Gate.


We will cater the event, so all you have to do is step aboard, or parties are welcome to partially or fully bring their own fare for a simple clean up fee.


Can sail on your own terms, chartering the whole yacht from 23' to 63' with a Captain, and if needed, one or more Crew. Most of our yachts are mono-hulls with one 35' Catamaran. See our list of yachts and private group rates.


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Qualified-Certified sailors with SF Bay or similar area experience can charter a boat without a skipper. We have 2 locations. The majority of the boats are in Oakland. The Cats and 1 mono-hull are located at Treasure Island.   The boats range from 8-15' - ASA 110 plus 23-25' ASA-101, 26-30 - ASA 103, Over 30' - ASA 104, Cats ASA 114. To sail the Oakland area a minimum of ASA Basic Keelboat is needed up to the SF Bay Bridge. To sail the Central Bay minimum ability, if leaving from Oakland, is 103 or ASA 104-Bare Boat Charter if leaving from Treasure Isle. Be prepared to show your ASA or equivilent certification, have a sailing resume that lists your experience. Expect a minimum of a 1 hr checkout (fee is $30 pr hr) for either location the first time chartering with Afterguard.

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