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Get to Know Our Fleet

Our Keel Boats

RANGER 23 (5 available)

Different Drummer, California Girl, Dingo, Quilla, Sea Gal, (Rascal-coming soon)

These cute boats are favorites of our students, club members, and charterers. These boats designed by Gary Mull, were built for the winds and waters of San Francisco Bay. Most of ours are single hand rigged. Each have several headsail choices to match the winds of the day

Ranger 23 Quilla.JPG

Ranger 26


Ranger 26 Impluse sailing 2.jpg

Pearson 31



Ericson 34

Anthem - not available

One of our most popular charter vessels, a fun boat to sail that handles well on the bay with comfortable space for many guests.  A great choice for overnight sailing adventures. Anthem is also one of our school's high-level ASA course boats.


Hunter Legend 35

Nancy II

Nancy is another one of our popular charter vessels, with an open cockpit, spacious interior, and gleaming white decks. Nancy also takes out our overnight ASA courses, captained, and member chartered sails.

Nancy II

CAL-2 25 (2 available)

Cool Passion & Burning Desire

Designed by C. William “Bill” Lapworth, this stout 25 ft keelboat is comfortable below deck and fun to sail.  The Cal-2 25' performs well in light winds, due to its tall rig, large sail area, flat bottom and balanced keel.  Roomy below deck, ruggedly constructed, and fun to helm, the Cal-2 25' sails like a bigger boat, making it an ideal choice for daysailing or coastal cruising with a small family.


Ericson 27



Ericson 32

Bay Dreamer


Targa 34


This full keeled beauty is used primarily for our off-shore classes and advanced courses such as Heavy Weather strategies and ASA 104. This blue water cruiser is the hearty gem of our fleet.


Fontaine Pajot Catamaran


This fun and exciting Catamaran is used for our ASA 114 classes and is available for charter, special events, birthday parties, engagements and more. Sailing the bay on Angel is like floating over the water on wings.


Our Small Boats

Naples Sabot (2 Available)

Mola and Barracuda

These small 8 foot long sailboats have a very American can-do spirit history.  Designed by Roy McCullough and R.A. Violette and built in Violette's garage during WW II these are a true Californian boat, designed in Naples, Longbeach California. Great for children or adults.


Walker Bay 10

Sea Turtle

With a bit more space and an inflatable exterior for positive buoyancy, this sailing dinghy is a perfect practice sailboat for adults and teens.  


Hydrobike 10 (1 available)


Available for charter for our members, children and adults alike, for trips in the Oakland Alameda estuary.  Paddle your way up to Jack London Square for a bite to eat or over to Mosley's Cafe for a beverage across the water.  Available when not in use for our kids and tough sailing summer camp.


Montgomery 15

Molly Brown

This 15-foot sailboat is perfect for two adults or an adult and a few children. Enjoy small-boat sailing with the convenience of a cabin and outboard. Available to members and non-members with required ASA certifications. 


Seylor Inflatable Kayak (2 Avail)

Seylor 1 and Seylor2

Take a kayak around the Oakland Alameda Estuary.  Enjoy the warm weather and calm protected waters and see the sights of the Port of Oakland. Available for rent for members of Afterguard.


El Toros (5 Available)

Dolphin, Crawdad, Snapper, Manta, and Mahi Mahi

These adorable 8 foot long boats are used primarily for our kids sailing program, but also can be captained by ASA 110 certified adults in the estuary for a fun day.  Nothing teaches great sail-trim like small boat sailing: great for adults and children!


Hydroforce Dinghies (2 available)

Seal Team 7.5 and Seal Pup

Mainly for use as tenders for our sailing charters and overnight ASA courses.  Also available for rent as chartered boat tenders for our members.


Catalina Capri 14


This zippy sailing dinghy with positive floatation is used for capsizing drills in our kids sailing program, since it is a blast to right again.  Fast and exciting for adults to sail, and comfortably big enough for two or three (if children are riding).


Malibu Sit-On-Top Kayak 


Take a kayak paddle around the Oakland Alameda Estuary.  Enjoy the warm weather and calm protected waters and see the sights of the Port of Oakland. Available for rent for members of Afterguard.


Charter Refund/Reschedule Policy: 1 month notice can reschedule or be refunded less processing fees. With 2 weeks can be refunded 50% of charter fee or can reschedule. If 1 week notice or less, can reschedule to a later date with reimbursement of prep cost.

No notice = no reschedule, no refund.

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