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BK1 - Intro to Sailing

2 day competent crew class

Who is the course for? 

The BK1 (Basic Keelboat) course is for those who: have never taken a sailing class. or...who are not English first language learners. Or...those who have sailed a little but have dreams of a life adventure under-sail. This course develops the foundation to become a confident sailor.


BK1 covers material, and hands-on practice, prepares participants to sit for the 90 min online California Boaters card test. A new requirement for operating a boat in CA.


2 Full Days

Member pricing: $495

Non Member: $595

Note: For those with a little sailing experience, ASA 101 might be most suitable. BK1 is aimed at those without much if any sailing experience. And if you want to try sailing before taking a course, you can try our 1 day sailing experience

What's Included

Find a date that works for you

Need a different date? Give us a call (510) 535-1954

What you will learn

Things you'll learn on the BK1 course Include: 

  • The important things about sailing boats and how they work

  • How to be a useful and effective crew member

  • Simple sailing language and theory so you can understand and speak sailing.

  • How to stay safe while sailing

  • Three important sailing knots (Bowline, Cleat Hitch and Larks head)​

By the end of the course BK1 Participants will have experienced sailing and be ready to sail with friends or family or to progress to the ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat class. 

What to expect

Discover the exhilaration of gliding across the water, harnessing the power of the wind, and mastering the art of sailing. Gain confidence as you navigate the open waters, hoist the sails, and steer your vessel with precision.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking coastal scenery, feel the gentle spray on your face, and embrace the freedom of the sea.


Our comprehensive class offers a hands-on experience where you'll learn essential crew member skills, techniques and terminology from our seasoned instructors.

Schedule and Crew:

Meet at Afterguard Sailing Academy, 1285 Embarcadero (Oakland CA 94606)


This is a three-day Weekend Course, Friday 6pm-8pm lecture. Saturday-Sunday 9:30am to 4:30pm Class spent mostly on the boat on the water sailing. (Weekday schedule can be arranged for the lecture after sailing the first day.)


The written exam is at the end the 2nd day on the water. Must pass the hands-on skills before being allowed to take the written test.


The course max is four students per boat with 1 instructor

What Boats are Used:

In this Course, you will be learning to sail on one of our Ranger 23s unless there is special need for a larger vessel. We have 5 Ranger 23's with outboard enginers and 2 Cal 2-25s with inboard engines.

What to wear:

  • Layers! Look up the weather for that weekend or weekday series. Dress in layers according to the weather predictions. Vests are a good under/over layer. Use a base layer per the weather and add to it up to a wind-breaker. If raining - bring a waterproof over layer for top and bottom.

  • Footwear: Soft soled shoes for traction on the deck. Non-marking required or will be scrubbing decks of black marks dark soles leave behind. No bare-feet, open toed or flip-flops. Broken toes are painful and your responsibility. This is a sincere warning.

  • Headware: Recommend a brimmed hat with a keeper that will not blow off your head, for your time on the water. If cold - bring a warm hat or perhaps a warm ear covering headband.

  • Hands: Garden gloves with rubberized palms and without finger tips are a plus. If cold warm gloves as well.

What else to bring:

  • Bring a lunch for both Saturday and Sunday, including water or other liquids to stay hydrated. If you bring a refillable bottle, please make sure you take it with you at the end of your course. Next to sunglasses, they are the most popular item in our Lost&Found pile!

  • Always bring sunscreen, chapstick and sunglasses. Keepers for glasses and hats can save you lots of money.

Additional info:

There are bathrooms at our facility and on the boats. Please make sure to check in with your teacher about how to use the 'head 'on the boat, before leaving the docks!

Find a date that works for you

Great course for an introduction into sailing in the bay!

This was the perfect way to become comfortable with sailing. By the end of the course I was confident in all the terminology and functions of the boat and understood how to make adjustments to the sail. I look forward to more time on the water with Afterguard!

Hannah R. (ASA 101 course July 2023) 

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