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10 days to sail Australia's Whitsunday Islands
11th - 21st November 2024

Choose your Catamaran

                             Nautitech 40                      Leopard 44

                             Seawind 1260                    Leopard 46

Cost per berth $1825pp =$3650 member, $2190 pp =$4380 full price

Berths are for 2 people - can be shared or not. Your berth, your choice. Pay Half to claim your berth now, 2nd Half 60-days out 


Whitsundays are an idyllic sailing paradise

Embark on a sailing holiday in the Whitsundays, an Australian archipelago of 74 islands known for idyllic islands featuring pristine beautiful beaches and crystalline waters. Whitsundays are in the book '50 Places to Sail before you die'. Navigate through this tropical paradise, exploring vibrant coral reefs and encountering diverse marine life.

With its breathtaking landscapes and perfect sailing conditions, the Whitsundays offers a unique and tranquil getaway for those seeking the thrill of a sailing adventure in a top world-class setting.


Summer in the Great Barrier Reef

November in the Whitsunday Islands is the beginning of Australian summer, featuring warming seas and air temperatures. Air temps range from 24-28 degrees Celsius or 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Australian Summer known for rain yet this area's average is 4-6 days of precipitation in November.


Whitsundays are located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO heritage site. Said to host 10% of all fish on our planet in comfortably warm clear turquoise waters. In addition to sailing, can SUP, snorkel and dive to fully experience this downunder treasure.


The price quoted is for 10 days for a cabin that can sleep up to 2 people. The payment is usually paid in 2 parts. The 2nd part is paid a minimum of 60 days before the charter. Participants share the cost of food for their boat's menus. Fuel and docking fees are split between those aboard each boat.

All participants need some sailing language and to be comfortable aboard a boat if plan to be a full participant or not. Recommend taking our 2-day Basic Keelboat (BK1) to obtain basic sailing skills or test out of this requirement. Suggest taking more courses to increase your fun. Mates and/or skippers are required to hold both ASA 104 and ASA 114 with an IPC in hand.


Can take 2 ASA classes during this trip as an option. If you've completed ASA 103 it's possible to take ASA 104 and/or 114 courses during the trip for an additional $550 per certification.

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