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Boat Show Flow

It was great to see so many friends and students, current and past, plus business associates who came by our booth #8 at the Sail Pacific Boat Show. It was supposed to be Strictly Sail Pacific but power boats were invited to fill the ranks of boats in the water and interest of patrons. We only care that they float - power's OK. Powerboating is how my family got me into boating Long Long Ago...

A lovely lady from Redding won the free sailing class drawing and she is very happy. All others who entered get a free Wednesday Night Sail. Starting 2015 season's Wednesday evening sails this week.

Met one gentleman who sailed around the world for 15 years on his Passport 42 'Peregrine'. He said "It was too short." His love for sailing and his lifetime adventure was clearly shinning in his eyes. A younger friend he was touring the show with owned a Baba 30 with the idea of going cruising. He looked through the Heavy Weather book we use for our Heavy Weather Strategies 2-day course. The young friend said, "When it gets like this (pointing to a picture of a boat laboring through strong winds and big seas), don't you just drop sails and go in?" We both looked at the image and said, at the same time without even looking at each other, "You just deal. " He asked why not just drop sails and go into a nearby harbor. The owner of 'Peregrine' said his most memorable heavy weather was 150 miles off Majorca. My most memorable was the last 750 miles of a return to SF from Hawaii.

The weather this spring looks like fair weather and pleasant sailing for old salts and excellent conditions for new sailors to learn in. The prediction for the next two weeks is sunny with mild winds.

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