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Erin Go Bragh

They came from Ireland, my great grand parents did. Due to a foundling and adoption the past is a bit cloudy but somewhere around 2/3rds Irish I am.

Have always liked to celebrate my herritage country via St Patty's day. We celebrate Cinco de Mayo but the 5th of May is not when Mexico became independant it is just the day American's celebrate those of Mexican herritage. America has a lot of parent countries to celebrate so... Why not.

I was concerned by the rumor that there were no snakes in Ireland and that perhaps St Patty did something rash about the Druids. Seems he mentioned them in one writing but not much and only one time. Did some snooping and it seems this tale, and the associated rumor about snakes and the newer surmise about Druids, are well, perhaps a papial and political fiction about a Roman Christian man who came to Ireland as a missionary. Did he drive out Druid leaders - the concensus is probably not. The Druids were there before and active for 100 years + after. Christianity did eventually take over most of the population as the most common religion. Will have to perfect time travel to know for sure.

To simply celebrate the Irish and all that is the Irish culture on this fine day in the USA including a few images and sayings in honor of dear St Patrick and all the good people of Ireland...

In celebration of Irish culture and herritage enjoy a few of my favorite sayings on this St. Patty's day.

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