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 ASA Liveaboard-Private Courses 

      All liveaboard package prices are for 2 students (not per person). Contact us if interested in private family or group non-liveaboard rates. See below the member and full payment rates for the most popular packages.
      If there are more than two students in your family/group, you may include additional family or/and friends per series at a cost of; $750m - $900fp per person for ASA 101/103, $995m - 1195fp pp for ASA 103/104 and $1195m / 1435fp pp for ASA 104/114 courses.
The maximum number of students is 4 per boat. Can schedule as a flotilla. (multiple boats)

General Information: 

  • All ages are treated as full students. Young family members are welcome.

  • Must be able to read and write in English. Can give tests verbally to non-English first language students. Checking on available translations for tests. 

  • The cost for all courses includes certifications. ASA 101 cost also includes ASA Log books and a 3-mo ASA  trial membership. 

  • ASA 101-114 textbooks are available as ebooks. We can mail a bundle of hard-copy textbooks if you choose. Costs vary from $100-150 per set.

  • The boats used will vary between 28-46. During multi-boat liveaboard experiences, students stay aboard the largest boat sailed over 5 days. The price does not change if choose not to stay aboard all nights.

  • A 5-day series is usually Mon-Fri but can be Wed-Sun. Can customize schedules.


Can be purchased as a Gift Certificate.​

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel, all cancellations need to be in writing & mailed or emailed, followed by a phone call where someone is spoken to. Voicemail is not sufficient. See the timeframes below:

  • Greater than 60 days prior to your course, a $100 per person charge is retained for admin

  • 30 days to 60 days prior to your course, 25% of the cost of the course is retained

  • Less than 30 days prior to your course, 50% of the cost of the course is retained,

  • If we are able to rebook your course, with other students, a credit is created for the retained portion to apply to a future booking.

  • Refunded money will be sent out by check 15-30 days after cancelation.


    Option: Can reschedule with 2 weeks' notice up to 1yr with only the $100 pp admin cost. Current members can reschedule indefinitely, also with the $100 admin fee.

    Liveaboard-Private Courses Contact for details and scheduling

    Call to schedule courses to match up your available time to our boats and instructors. Call 510-535-1954 or 

    Thanks for submitting!

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