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Founder/ Owner

ASA Instructor & Instr Evaluator

Mary SwiftSwan, began teaching sailing in 1984, beginning with teaching Spinnaker on San Francisco Bay. In 1985 obtained her first US Coast Guard license and American Sailing Association (ASA) instructor certifications for 101-106 (Beginning through Advanced Coastal). Today Mary holds a USCG Master’s 100 Ton sail and power license, most ASA certifications plus is an active Instructor Evaluator. Mary was the first woman ASA Instructor Evaluator certified in 1997.

Captain Mary was selected out of 100 I.E.s by ASA as a member of a 5 author team for ASA’s two first level instruction books - 101 and 103, published in 2010 & 2012. She helped add ASA 110-Small Boat program in 2000. Was successful in obtaining college accreditation for the CSU/UC systems for her college version of ASA courses in 1996. Mary has sailed extensively. Owned her own sailing school(s), since 1987. She compliments this work as a active photographer, published writer and on-board chef.

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Charter Captain

Captain Rory MacLysaght holds a Merchant Marine Masters License for Motor and Auxiliary Sail, plus Commercial Assistance Towing. Captain Rory grew up on the Shannon river in Ireland, and has lived and worked in Europe, Japan and the US.

Captain Rory is the primary Treasure Island Charter Captain, and a gracious favorite among charterers. He is also a web developer, and provides tech support to our Foundation and many other non-profits.

In a past life, Captain Rory was a photojournalist in both the US and Japan. He helps to manage the technology needs of Afterguard

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ASA Instructor

Originally from Boston, Jim settled into the Bay Area after a Coast Guard career of almost 25 years, including almost seven years “Sea Time” on board three different “cutters.” He currently instructs the BK1, ASA 101, and ASA 103 courses. 

His sailing experience dates back to 2008, and he re-certified his skills with Afterguard in 2011 in a volunteer capacity. In addition to his sailing acumen, Jim is a seasoned leader and manager in both logistical and operational environments, and he has an affinity for Maritime Lingo. 

Jim is married, with children and grandchildren, and he resides in Richmond, in the East Bay. His wife and he are novice and adventurous kayakers as well…



Celestial Instructor

Doug grew up in New England learning to sail there on the coast and local lakes.  His first introduction to celestial navigation was as a deck officer in the United States Navy.


That initial training has turned into a lifetime hobby and Doug loves to introduce others to the fascinating art of finding one’s way across the world’s oceans with the sun, moon and stars.


He holds a USCG Master’s 100-ton sail and power license and a majority of the ASA teaching certifications.



ASA Instructor

Charter Captain

Dan joined Afterguard after an Instructor Evaluation Clinic getting certified to teach ASA 101, 103, 104 and 105. He recently added ASA 118. Dan was recruited to teach with Afterguard because he is so very good at covering the material in a way that resonates with students. Dan was raised in the North East Coast. He was drawn to the Bay Area by Silicone Valley opportunities for his day job as a programmer. 

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Office Manager &

Enrollment Specialist

Originally from Romania, this world traveler, adventurer and chef manages all things office. Charters, Enrollment and generally keeping the office afloat.  

She owns a Pearson 30 and has spend the last few years fully immersed in the Bay Area sailing scene after finding her calling after her first sailing trip on the bay.




& Graphic Designer

Fiamma started sailing, by jumping in the deep end:  She stepped on a Tayana 42 and sailed right out the golden gate with no sailing experience, learned to sail on the fly with a crew of four others to the end of the Baja peninsula. Then swapped boats and crewed on an Ericson 35 all the way to Central America! She now owns an Islander 36 Berthed in Alameda.

Graphic designer and sailing instructor.


1st MATE

School Mascot

He pretty much runs the entire business and is frequently seen lounging in the sun overseeing all operations.



RIP 7/1950-4/2016

Steve Swan was an originating partner. He was an outstanding Basic Sailing Instructor and stunning vocal Performer. He died of Lung cancer, though he himself never smoked. We all miss him every day.

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ASA Instructor

Kevin began sailing with Afterguard in 2006. He took a series of lessons that continued till he became an ASA instructor through ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation. Kevin excels in and is very popular as the lead teacher for our BK1 course through ASA 103, plus 118. He keeps learning how to make to sailing fun for his students.

Kevin's favorite color is red. His favorite boat to sail is Renaissance - our Targa 10.1. His favorite season is fall. His favorite music is by Pete Segar. Kevin is a California native raised in Alameda. His accent is a rare one.




Charter Captain & Intro to Sailing Instructor

Tom Hurley began sailing when Eisenhower was president of the United States, learning and practicing skills aboard family boats ranging from El Toros to 42 ft gaff cutters sailing upon the San Francisco and the Monterey bays, and along the California coast.


Managing to continue boating and sailing while working in the construction industry and attending West Valley and Solano community colleges Tom Hurley was able to keep his passion for the water alive as he raised three sons and built a business with over forty employees.


In 2009 Tom Hurley was able to return to his passion for the water, serving first as a deckhand and then later Mate aboard the B-Z 1, a small tow boat operating in the Mare Island straits. Returning to school at  American Marine Training Center, Tom Hurley completed qualifications and passed all examinations receiving a USCG Merchant Mariner Certificate as Master 50 ton Inland.


Tom Hurley is an active member of the USCG Auxiliary Flotilla  11N- 5-2, and is currently the Flotilla Staff Officer for Vessel Examinations. He is also fully qualified as a: Recreational Boating Saftey Program Visitor, teaching Boating Saftey;  HazMat First Responder, Seamanship Specialist, and Patrols Specialist.


Tom Hurley is proud of his continuing relationship with Afterguard Sailing as both charter skipper and sometime instructor. He also works some times with Oscar Niemeth Towing, Home of the Eagles, most recently as operator/master of URSA, guarding the USNS ship YUKON. Tom Hurley has been accepted to serve as Mate aboard the 135 ft tug American Eagle sailing the San Francisco bay.


Tom Hurley currently owns and operates two boats. ENCORE, a 40 ft Mariner Ketch, and AUDREY L, an ex-Navy 33 ft Utility Boat, and has begun a small business the "Brick Shiphouse" in Benicia California.



ASA Instructor

John grew up power boating, however his first sailing experience occurred when he was in the Navy.  In 2008 he took up keelboat sailing on San Francisco Bay.


In addition to sailing, John has taught Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis in the corporate environment.  In his spare time he enjoys cruising abroad, working as a Business Operations Manager, and being a husband / father of two sailors.

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ASA Instructor

Gunther learned to sail over 20 years ago in Germany on a Bavarian mountain lake. Since moving to the US in 2000, he sailed on everything from dinghies to keelboats on the San Francisco Bay.  In 2007, Gunther, his brother and their 70-year old father took a week course of ASA-101 and 103 classes in celebration of their father’s 70th birthday with Afterguard. Gunther continued with Afterguard, through 106-Advanced Coastal Cruising. He works as an engineer, is raising a family, a musician and acquired ASA teaching credentials. Gunther is an excellent 105 Coastal Nav and destination charter 104/114 course instructor.


Anthony Schwab

Fleet Repair Specialist

Anthony is nicknamed 'Mr Fix It'. He can fix almost anything. He fixes our project boats, all engines; both inboard and outboard, and much more.  We are so lucky he works with Afterguard.


Anthony is a California Native, born in the East Bay. He has been sailing for 9 years and was inspired after buying his Coronado 25. He has owned both power and sailboats since his first adventurous introduction. Anthony's favorite color is 'Ghost Grey' and his favorite season is "all of them". 


Rodolfo Cordova

RIP July 2020, Fleet Care Specialist

Rodolfo brings 23 years of boat yard background to Afterguard. He has been working with us since October 2019, fixing and helping with our restoration projects and helping to maintain our active fleet boats. 

Tom and Megan Coming home.jpg

Cpt Tom Abbott

ASA Instructor

Tom and Megan Laney double handed to HI. They lived aboard for  a year then sailed back to SF Bay. Megan helps with fleet management and office coverage. She also races her boat Alley Cat in the Estuary and more often with Tom and half the Afterguard team aboard. 

Tom started as a student. Purchased a boat and it was all a reach from there. He has crossed to HI 3 times. Has switched from the IT world to sailing. 

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