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Rudy Cordova

Rest  in Peace

Rudy Cordova

We are sad to inform our students and friends of Afterguard that Rudy Cordova passed away of cardiac arrest and is no longer with us.  It was over in minutes and the hospital could not revive him.

Rudy helped us with our boats from fall of 2019 till summer of 2020. He was kind, a hard worker, and always in a pleasant mood.

The news came as a complete surprise to us; Rudy had just been in the office at Afterguard only hours before,  laughing with Alex and Mary. He was so sweet and kind as he always was, that last day.  It seems so unreal he is gone on, and we at Afterguard will miss him and his smiling face and upbeat personality very much.

He leaves behind Lulu, who has taken Rudy's ashes back to Mexico. 

Rudy driving a forklift truck
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