Zero To Bay Skipper  

Existing members can purchase gift package: 3 Levels of Basic Sailing courses for $1545

For those new to Afterguard: Membership required :Add dues only. Save Initiation of $395.

Add to this Package: min. Charter Solo Membership, see membership for more info $385=35x11=12mo

Amongst Membership Benefits: 20% discount for future classes & 40% discounts on boat rentals

Package includes Swag of Hat and Carry bag or Jacket or 2 textbooks, up to $55 value

(Annualized dues save one month’s dues i.e. 11 mo x $35 = $385 covering 12 mo dues. Dues can be used once a month towards our $35 weekly Wed PM sails or towards $75 monthly First Sunday club sailing activities)


Package includes:

$450 - BK1 Introduction to Sailing: 2 days (9-4pm) 14hr: includes 1h test & review

Learn the language, rules, and more = Crew-First Mate – great CA Boater’s card ID prep

(can use a $207 credit toward another course if have sailing experience and can pass BK1 test)

May be on boats 23-32’


$475 ASA 118 Docking to master the one skill that tells your confidence dealing with ever changing conditions and close quarter action with a moving boat.


$595 - ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Skipper: 17.5h

Learn on boats 23-26’

Basic Sailor’s Workshop 2.5hr ($75 value)

2 days sailing (9-4.30 pm) 15 hr: includes 1.5h exam & review

ASA 101 test, ASA 101 Certification at conclusion, when underway skills are learned

ASA logbook

ASA membership 3-month trial


$795ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising Course: 35h

Learn on boats 27-32’

1st 103 Bay Sailor’s workshop 2.5 hr ($75 value)

2 days sailing (9-4.30 pm) 15 hr: includes 1.5h exam & review

2nd 103 Introduction to Navigation workshop 2.5 hr ($75 value)

2 days sailing (9-4.30 pm) 15 hr: includes 1.5h exam & review

ASA 103 test, ASA 103 Certification at conclusion, when underway skills are learned


Totals: $2440 = Initiation waived plus 66.5h

55 hr on the water training aboard 23-32' boats with non-yelling instructors

4 hr testing plus reviews incl.

7.5 hr workshops

ASA Logbook, 2-ASA Certification, 3-month trial of ASA membership 

SAVE - $895


Courses are Guaranteed –if fully participated and read your book before class, can review at no extra cost, till pass.


Reschedule with 7-day notice without any cost to you. We reschedule as often as needed.

As long as COVID 19 is an issue – we will reschedule with shorter notice.

To Cancel, there is a processing fee of $150 or more, depending on the type of original payment. Best to simply reschedule. Your money once spent will be good. No deadline on when you have to finish any of our packages.


call   510-535-1954 to get this great deal, for additional questions or scheduling.

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