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Afterguard Sailing Academy Reviews

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What Some Have Said:

"Rigorous, friendly, fun and professional training. Staff meets the same criteria. It's the employees who are extraordinary and helpful, a tone set by owner Mary." January 5, 2015


"The captain of the boat allowed me to guide the wheel. Wow, I understanding proactive driving more now! " December 15, 2013


"It was a great trip, skipper very experienced and friendly. Finding the right boat was a little difficult but when we did we had a great sail on SF Bay. Would use them again. " July 13, 2013


 "We had an incredible experience! Going back this weekend to complete our sailing 101 certification! Love the staff - Nico our fearless skipper/teacher." March 05, 2013


"Great instructor. Nice people." Jan. 29, 2013


"Had to miss the second day, but hope I can make it up." October 20, 2012


"I think it was nice, it could even be better if the boat trip included wine, cheese and crackers, music, and interesting stories told about alcatraz, and the area we were passing thru. it was very nice, but lacked ambiance or theme." October 18, 2012


"Wonderful time on the water!!" Oct. 18, 2012


"It was a great experience and perfect birthday present" October 18, 2012

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