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Basic Keelboat Summer Camp - BK1 & BK2

BK1-Competent Crew: Students sail on 22-25 sailboats on the Oakland Estuary. They learn the basics of how to prepare to cast off, after pushing away from the dock they raise sails. Once underway they work the lines to sail their boat safely. Next they learn how to sail near other boats by learning the 'rules of the road' for avoiding collision and how to be good look-outs for safe navigating around all they come across.

BK2-Bay Explorers: Students discover how to make their boat go places and get to see things unique to being on the water. They start close to port then work out to the Central Bay by boat and by car to learn of the many options for them. Mon & Tue are sailing to and around the Central Bay. Wed is a drive about to see a few of the many boating highlights - Bay Model, AC Cup base, Hyde Street Pier, and others. Thu- Sail to Angel Island for a campout aboard a boat A very very fun week.




Small Boat Summer Camps: SB 1 & SB 2

SB 1 - First the Game of Sailng: Beat the summer heat with a small boat sailing camp with Afterguard. Youth learn how to use the wind to get around the water and how to keep their boat upright, or not. They start with Capsizing drills just after knot tying. They experience the thrill of silently gliding over the water propelled only by the wind and their skills. New students focus on the terms, rigging and how to be crew having fun sailing.

SB 2 - Cruise a Small Boat: Once able to manage a small boat as crew and a skipper campers learn to extend their range. Sail around USCG island and up to JLAC. Students experience the real freedom of sailing a small boat. In years past have included a parent's day for the kids to act as skipper or to sail side by side racing their folks in a small boat ralley.

2014 Schedule: 	 Small Boat