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Youth Pgms & Scholarships

Scholastic Programs: Donations to Afterguard Foundation, unless specified, help support the Oakland Street Academy HS program. Runs 36 weeks - 3 trimesters. Students need use of books, gear for on the water and sailboats. Average cost $11 per student per hour


Summer Camps: There are three unique week long camps all 9:30-3:30pm M-F. The first week is small boat sailing; Open water Basics in stable boats. There are 3 keelboat camps for the second week, from the Estuary, the Bay and the very popular Bay Explorers for the third week. Youth and their teacher get to spend the week exploring the Bay ending their week by spending Thursday night at Angel Island. Donations help so we do not have to say no to kids. If your child would otherwise be bored at home - consider them spending a week in the sunshine learning teamwork, leadership and how to cut through the waters with the help of a sailboat.

Street Academy teacher, Jeremy Cavagnolo, instructs students about buyoancy for a lab in which the students tried to find the buoyancy of various objects via density, weight & measures.

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