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East San Francisco Bay Experience

Experience a fun 3 hour sail along the smooth waters of the Oakland Estuary to the open San Francisco Bay. Enjoy a local Mediterrainian like climate that is warmer by an average of 10 degrees plus has sunny more days over the year than Central SF Bay. The rowers, dragon boats, SUP and sailboats of all sizes keep this a very busy and fun place to sail through. Sail out to the Bay to the a lighthouse that can only be seen from on board a boat. Next to the light house is a haul-out beach where the harbor seals gather. On the run back to port note the huge ships docked along the Port of Oakland, 5th busiest container port in the USA.With proposals to get even busier.

After the we direct or escort your the sailing party to a wonderful neighbor for an hour of wine tasting. The Irish Monkey has Bob Lynch as their vintner and a fine one he is. Located just round the corner the Irish Monkey will welcome all from Afterguard with a smile. Irish Monkey Cellars is an award winning hidden treasure of Oakland. Resv required.

Day time sailing- Times; 9am or 1pm-Sat & Sun only .

Sparkling unset Sails - East San Francsco Bay

As the sun goes down on the East Bay waters there are many shores and bridges that light up the night. Sail by Jack london Square, up to view the Bridges that frame the San Francisco skyline. Toast the sunset with something warm or cold and sparkling. Cuddle up with a warm blanket to watch the blaze of lights along the Port that never sleeps.

Have 3 options when sailing from the East Bay. Can leave from our home Port, North Basin or Jack London Square.

Thur, Sat or Sun at meet at 5pm, sail from 5:30-8:30.


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Day or Night - the East San Francisco Bay is a lovely & fun place to sail.