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Afterguard Foundation

Afterguard Foundation supports non-profit education programs for local High Schools and Colleges.  Afterguard Sailing Academy supports the foundation through ASA courses and charters as well as through use and maintenance of the boats. The first youth programs, which began in 2006, were once a week for ten kids. Today Afterguard Foundation has grown to weeklong summer camps - 6 weeks each summer and a boat restoration project for winter students. Class sizes during the spring and fall have doubled in size despite the school no longer being able to pay for the courses.

Afterguard High School programs started with “drop-out prevention” as a main goal. Much like other sports teams, students must keep their grades up to be inovled in the sailing programs offered by Afterguard. Youth sailing programs have proved successful in inspiring students to improve their GPAs and stay in school.Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy, which partnered with Aftergurad Foundation to develop this program has seen an increase in graduation rates since 2006, heavier on the parts of the students who were involved with Afterguard.

The successful program offered for The Oakland Street Academy is a progressive three trimester, multi-year sailing elective. 

In the process of teaching the ASA curriculum, there is a conscious crossover to clarify key elements of math and science through practical application. "Oh! I get it now!" is not an uncommon phrase to be heard while on the boats. Students also learn teamwork and leadership skills that are inherent to working a boat. Students who have taken previous trimesters learn to be skippers and give clear direction to the incoming class of crew.

The Afterguard foundation is also committed to bringing the joy of sailing to anyone involved in our community. Sponsoring affordable sailing activites through "Meet-Up" is one way that they make boating more accessible in the East Bay. Afterguard also can offer ASA Sailing course series for college credit. Captain Mary succeeded in attaining accreditation for a version of the ASA series by CSU and private college systems.  It was already accepted in UC and Community colleges. Courses available for college credit shown at right.

Courses Offered for College Credit

1. Basic Small Boat
Introductory course where students learn how to sail a centerboard boat on the semi protectd waters of the Oakland Estuary. Students learn about parts of the boat and how boats sail. They then work in teams of 2 to prepare and sail 14 ft CFJ

2. Basic Keel Boat
Introductory course where students learn how to sail a 20 -25 ft Keelboat on the semi Protected waters of the Oakland Estuary. students learn about parts of the boat, how boats sail and using an auxilary engine. Students then work in teams of 3-4 to prepare and sail the boats

3. Basic Costal Cruising
Prerequisit: Basic Keel Boat: Students learn to sail the San Francisco Bay in boats from 25-35 ft long. Students learn about the federally required and recomended equipment aboard a boat as well as some basicis to navagation

4. Costal Navagtion
Prerequisit: Basic Costal Cruising: Students learn how to navigate a boat based on landmarks and known positions. In this all classroom course students apply basic trigonometry to the art and science of piloting a boat.

5. Other levels available by request.